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10000 pcs

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Mylar film (MYLAR film) PET polyester film is by the dimethyl terephthalate and ethylene glycol in the relevant catalyst-assisted heating, after transesterification and polycondensation vacuum, biaxial stretching of the film.
Mylar film appearance of white, black, color, transparent color, and many kinds of color classification.
Applications are divided into: Insulation type, buffer type, wear-resistant, sealed type and appearance of the decorative type of Mylar.
Features: a dimensionally stable, flat and excellent resistance to tearing strength, heat-cold, water resistant to moisture, resistant to chemical corrosion and has superior insulation properties, excellent electrical, mechanical, heat and chemical resistance.
Can be used for motors, capacitors, coils, cables, insulation materials, but also with the paper into a barley composite insulation materials. Now widely used for electrical insulation industry, for electronics, appliances, instruments, displays, motor Slot, computer and peripheral equipment, gaskets, Cam, and screen protection.

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