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Shenzhen Ameixin Packaging Material Co., Ltd. engaged in a variety of products both inside and outside the main shock, loss prevention packaging products, insulation materials, thermal conductivity, conductive shielding materials and acoustic / insulation cotton, rubber and plastic sound-absorbing peak production of cotton and other special materials research and develop . Committed to promoting new technologies, new processes, new materials to promote the domestic packaging industry and application. Explore a wide range of special materials for the customer's products contribute to the development. We uphold the "quality of creating the future" business philosophy, go all out, committed to meeting customer needs, and strive to achieve customer trusted partners.
The main products are:
Acoustic / insulation cotton series: sound-absorbing cotton, cotton insulation, sound-absorbing foam peaks, PU sponge rubber acoustic waves, pyramid-shaped sound-absorbing cotton, rubber and plastic panels, glass fiber cotton, sound-absorbing carpet, black / gray speaker sound-absorbing cotton, Spewing ;
Fire / heat-resistant material: glass fiber, cotton, glass fiber needle felt, alternator special sound-absorbing cotton fire, fire sponge absorbing peaks, fire board, heat-resistant cotton (resistant to temperature 700 ℃), rubber insulation cotton;
Packaging Materials: sponge, compressed sponge, EPE EPE, ESD EPE, EVA, color EVA, PORON, SBR, CR, back rubber, high foaming, KT board, PE foam, rubber sponge, cotton filters, foam, NBR foam tube and bubble bags, pearl bags, pearl aluminum insulation bags and other packaging materials;
Earthquake slip products: rubber feet (3M adhesive), silicone leveling pad, EVA mat, velvet stickers, EVA lining, foam products, EPE tray products, a variety of single / double-sided adhesive and imported double-sided adhesive, non-woven, EVA paste flannel, sponge laminated cloth, PE cap gasket, PS foam gaskets, etc.;
Fireproof insulation material series: PVC, Mylar film MYLAR, FORMEX,, fire fast bus, barley paper, kraft paper, promise the U.S. paper, insulation tape, double sided tape and stickers all imports;
Thermal / conductive shielding materials: copper, aluminum, conductive foam, conductive fabric, thermal silicone, thermal silicone cloth.
Good quality, honest service is the company used to aim; pursuit of leading, research development is the extension of the company's goals. Willing to cooperate with new and old friends, new career for a better future.